Thanks for all the Prayers

A few weeks have passed and a few of you have called/messaged asking about my Pops so I wanted to take a minute and thank you all for keeping him in your thoughts and prayers. You have no idea how much love we’ve felt during this process so far and know Heaven has opened a little more, through your prayers, to carry us along! Thank you, dear Freeman family!

Here’s a brief update on my father’s health. As you all know, my Pops was diagnosed with colon cancer at the beginning of May. It was discovered during a routine colonoscopy and he had to have half of his colon removed. The good news is that he no longer has cancer in the colon! The bad news is that the cancer spread through his colon’s lining to his liver–all over it, actually. Fortunately, it hasn’t affected his liver function or spread to any other part of his body. Hallelujah!!

He will begin his first round of chemotherapy next Thursday. That will most likely be much worse than any pain he’s felt so far. However, he’s recovering remarkably well from his colonectomy and is sooo ready to take on chemo. That’s my Pops: so accepting of the opposition on the field and ready to give it his all to win the battle! His faith and attitude are his greatest assets and make him such a hero to me! We’re praying for complete eradication but are aware of the possibilities.

My mom has been a great nurse–she’s taking her job very seriously and doing an amazing job–but is probably taking this challenge harder than my dad, even though she’s handling it very well. (She has a great game face!) George flew out from SC for five days and that was so good for Pops. His girls, Ty and Min, will be coming in a week–our kids are super excited to spend time with them! Mario and his family visit more regularly now too. We’ve been up a few times and will be up more often during the summer. Not to mention the great support he and my mom have been receiving from their ward family. How thankful I am for good ward families!

How thankful I am for families, period! It’s been a time of real growth for my entire family and we feel very blessed to know this is all a part of The Plan. We’ve felt nothing but peace the entire time, and again, know it is a direct result of all our loved ones’ prayers. There truly is great power in prayer! Thank you for yours on his/our behalf! We love and miss you all dearly!

Family Reunion

In order to get everyone onto the same page, here is where we are with the reunion. The tentative date is for sometime in 2014. We’ve got some leading ideas for locations (these aren’t set in stone). They are Tahoe, D.C., or Nauvoo, or some other church history site. (Feel free to add to the list) Timing is also not set in stone at this point, but the idea was thrown out that if we do D.C. we try around America Sings the first weekend in April (this is of course General Conference weekend). Tahoe would be sometime in summer. I think summer in general is the idea so kids don’t miss too much school (though my kids wouldn’t be missing much). At this point most of us are planning on coming, but as of now we may not get everyone there. As the instigator of all this, I believe the most important detail of the reunion would be to have the whole family there. I know this may never be possible, but at least for the first one it would be nice. The more I thought of it, and as we were doing our planning, I asked myself, “Why does it HAVE to be next year?” And so I ask all of you, would it be wiser to push it back? The idea behind this would be if we choose a location, everyone can agree on, this will give us all more time to prepare. It will also give us a better idea how much we each need to save up and I think the more time the better. I do think we should have it sometime in the next 4-5 years, before Nick decides to leave on a mission. So in honor of Sir Nick, I propose, this being the 10th day of March, that before Nick turns 14 we first decide on a location and second on a date. Any comments?

Happy Homeownership to Melissa!

We wanted to congratulate Melissa on putting down some California roots! For those of you who may not know, she recently purchased a new home and moved in on Saturday, 3/14. Way to go Liss! (Now we’ll always have a place to stay should we wish to visit Legoland, Seaworld, etc.) Hahaha:) All kidding aside, we’re excited to see the new digs and want to know if we’re invited to the housewarming party? Congratulations, Liss!

New addition

Well here she is… the newest addition to our little family. With the impending arrival of our newest little girl, we had to upgrade our transportation arrangements. After many hours of searching, by Trish, she found this sweetest of all sweet deals on a van, with just one catch. The van was in San Francisco and we had to get up there to decide if we wanted it before some lady from Salt Lake could fly in and grab it. Needless to say…..and of course sorry to the lady…..we liked it and got ourselves a mini-van.

New addition 1

New addition 2

Growing Some Roots!

Well, the housing market is going down somewhat, our lease is ending soon, and this apartment is getting a little crowded, so. . . we’ve decided to jump feet first into home ownership! After many months of research and after selectively viewing a dozen or so houses, we finally found “The One” for us.

It all began Monday with an email from our realtor. (He sends us all the newest listings everyday.) Trish saw that it was in the area we’ve been scouting and significantly below market value, which initially made her skeptical. However, with an undeniable nagging feeling in the pit of her stomach she set up an appointment to view the house with me just before lunch on Wednesday. So I met her and the kids there (did I mention that it is three blocks from my office?) and we almost instantly felt right at home upon entry. The unbelievable price, landscaping, and upkeep of the property was like icing on the cake for us. The house is in our current ward boundaries, the layout is what Trish has always imagined us in, and the house is two blocks from the elementary and intermediate schools of choice. So we made an offer that afternoon and had it countered by the sellers a day and a half later. Talk about testing our faith! One day longer and Trish would have talked herself out of the source of her promptings!  Our offer was accepted today and we begin signing our life away on Monday! Pretty nerve-wracking but super exciting as well! Pray for a smooth escrow and start planning that much needed trip to California! We love you all and hope to see you soon! Here’s a picture of the exterior:


If you want to see more pix you can go to and click on the find a home link. From there, click Fresno County and then search by Listing number. Our listing number is 266115. We’d love to hear what you think. Thanks for all of your prayers and support as we approach this family milestone!

Thanks for everything!!!(and Tooth Fairy)

Well I just wanted to write and let everyone know I passed both of my tests this past weekend, so now I just wait to get my license before I’m official.  I wanted to say thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers on my behalf.  Thanks to some divine intervention I was calm and alert through the worst 4+ hours I’ve ever been through.  Thanks.  Also, a sneak peek into upcoming posts includes a visit by the Tooth Fairy to our family, except we have the same number of teeth after he left…….find out more later.