Star Trek

So even if you’re not a Star Trek fan, you should check out the new movie. Bones was always my favorite character and this movies just re-inforces it. I think they did a good job casting the original crew (who knew the kid playing Kirk was the son of the guy who played the sargeant in CHIPS?). Throw in a few familiar quotes, a precocious little boy, ILM special effects and two Spocks and who needs more? I’m glad Joe suggested we watch it on the IMAX screen. IMAX is the way to see this movie, but you definitely need a big screen to watch this one. Now I just need to see Wolverine!

Are you ready?

One of Hollywood’s favoritist things to do is what I consider detrimental to the development of the human imagination. That is, they love to take beloved books of yesteryear and turn them into the box office hits of today. I have just found out, by way of cousin Kyle, that the latest book to undergo such a transformation is Maurice Sendek’s immortal Where the Wild Things Are. Here is the link to the new trailer and I’ll admit that I’m interested in seeing what major changes they make from the book and what story line they create/develop. I wasn’t too pleased with the choice of music for the trailer, but other than that I thought it was put together very well. The release date for the movie is October 16 so I say we all celebrate Ashlee’s birthday and go see it!