Freebie for American History buffs

I received a link to this freebie audio download page all about Benjamin Franklin–it is put together by The Homemaker’s Mentor (a Christian group that makes and sells various homeschooling curriculum and tips and ideas for keeping a good home and raising kids with good values).

It looks like some good stuff–there is a range of stuff applicable to different ages.

Will and Trish, maybe your kids would like this or you could use it to supplement some of your curriculum for this coming year? Also Justin and Laurie? I saw this and thought of Malachi!

This download is ONLY available through this Saturday the 21st! So hurry if you want it!

Here is the link:


Gratis gaming

Here’s a cool article on 10 games you can download and play for free. Four of them are even for Mac. Check it out, and if you don’t have a fast internet connection, get someone to download some for you and burn them to a CD.

Gratis gaming: 10 real PC games you can download for free

Marathon is a good one (both Mac and PC) and so is Starsiege: Tribes, one I wish was available for Mac.

Oh, and in case you are wondering about the 4th Mac and 10th PC game on the list having it’s link removed from the article, a little birdie told me to check the comments below.

Windows Freeware

Here’s another effort of mine to help out the less fortunate of you who are stuck in the dreary world of Microsoft Windows.

nedwolf – Free Software – Windows Freeware

Hopefully some of these programs will help you through the next couple of years. By then, if we’re lucky, we’ll be able to install OS X on any PC. Those of you waiting for the OS formerly known as “Longhorn”, now known as “Vista”, will unfortunately have to wait even six more months after that.

Excited about viruses? You can already get Vista viruses now (sorry, didn’t mean to bring down and already “cheery” post).


I was talking to Mom last night and she was mentioning her new eMac at the school. She said Matt was playing around on it and had really liked the Dashboard feature of Mac OS 10.4 (aka Tiger). Well, Dashboard was most likely born from a previous widget concept made popular by a program known as Konfabulator. I believe that Konfabulator used to be about $25. But it was recently bought by Yahoo and as a result is now free. It runs in Mac OS 10.2 or greater, Windows 2000, & Windows XP.


Konfabulator ships with several useful widgets like Analog Clock, Calendar, and Weather. But here is a list of some other interesting/useful/fun widgets.

iTunes widget for Konfabulator based on iPod shuffle design.

Sing that iTune!
A lyric fetcher Widget for iTunes which can also handle radio streaming titles. The lyrics are saved in “Documents/Sing that iTune!” folder and you can also add your self-made lyrics in there. Sync the folder with iPod’s Notes folder to bring it.

NCAA Football liveSchedule
An updating desktop football schedule for NCAA division 1A schools. Schedule will update as game-times and scores become available.

mini iTunes Remote
The eighth Widget in the mini Widget series. mini iTunes Remote is a complete redesign and coding effort of the iTunes Remote that ships with Konfabulator. This version features a compact design, the ability to change your ratings, and and set your iChat status to your current playing track.

A novel Widget where HAL9000 periodically speaks.

Stack ‘Em!
A classic time waster is now available for Konfabulator! Can you keep pace with the falling blocks? Good luck! (Basically it’s Tetris as a widget)

Finally, get more useless and useful widgets from the Konfabulator Widget Gallery.

Free banjo ebooks

Taken from

“Patrick Costello has recently released two of his popular old-time banjo books under a Creative Commons license, allowing them to be distributed freely on the Internet. These books are outstanding resources for all beginning banjo players and the online versions are completely FREE.”

Banjo ebooks

I thought Justin and all you other aspiring banjo players might enjoy this.