Nauvoo Christmas Draw

Mom did the draw. Everyone, including the babies, was included. Presents must be handmade and under $5. Here are the results:

Dad has Ian
Mom has Amy
Jere has Joe
Becky has Catherine
Nick has Malachi
Ashlee has Tianna
Melissa has Joshua
Joe has Oliver
Justin has Ashlee
Laurie has Nick
Malachi has Grant
Amelia has Jacob
Elijah has Rebekah
Coralei has Lindsey
Willie has Enoch
Trish has Dad
Will has Elijah
Grant has Andrea
Nina has Milayna
Ella has Stephen
Rex has Coralei
Boyd has Leah
Catherine has Melissa
Chris has Trish
Leah has Will
Jonathan has Boyd
Oliver has Eva
Joshua has Rex
Andrea has Ella
Elsie has Matt
Jacob has Chris
Milayna has Laurie
Rebekah has Jonathan
Stephen has Jere
Amy has Becky
Eva has Amelia
Enoch has Justin
Matt has Nina
Lindsey has Willie
Ian has Elsie
Tianna has Mom

Senior Night

In case you didn’t know, Thursday night was Matt’s last game at the Marriott Center as manager, so I asked Greg Wrubell via Twitter if he could give him a shout out on the air. His response:

And he did! In case you missed it, here’s the audio from his pregame segment about Senior Night:

So congrats to Matt on being involved in a big way with BYU Hoops, and thanks again to Greg!