Mountain West Icons

I am on some kind of roll today. Maybe it’s because I’ve been limited this week in the time I could just surf the internet and read about interesting things. But, I found some nice BYU icons as part of a whole Moutain West collection. You can grab the set from ResExcellence, or download the set directly via this link.

Alternately, you can download icons from just about every major conference by browsing the Pop Culture section on the page listed above.

Some interesting science/tech news

I ran across three very interesting (to me at least) articles on the science and technology front while surfing BBC World news. Here are the links to the BBC articles:

Astronomers detect ’10th planet’
This is really more of a confirmation of a suspected discovery from 2003. I believe it may have also been referred to as Planet X in the media back then.

Ice lake found on the Red Planet
The first water not associated with Mars’ polar caps. From the description it seems to be relatively large. I’m a little surprised this hasn’t been discovered before. But what do I know, I’m no astronomer. The picture is very detailed though.

Japanese develop ‘female’ android
So this android can only sit and do a few gestures right now. I couldn’t help but think about Data from Star Trek The Next Generation when reading this article. It’s pretty remarkable I think.

Shameless plug

Becky redesigned her website and I just finished coding the main page and the contact page last night. So the new site is up and running, and I think it looks great!


She is starting to get a lot of inquiries from all over the world. We can thank all of her family members and former clients who are doing a great job spreading the word. Especially Sarah, he seems to be our internet advertiser.

Last thing, can someone running IE6 on Windows let me know if there are any inconsistencies? All the other browsers should display the site correctly.


Long time Macintosh writer and Macworld columnist Anyd Ihnatko displayed a very cool instrument this past week at Macworld Boston. It was a ukuele with a built in USB port to hook directly up to a computer without the need for any other external devices. Dubbed the iUke, it was built for him by the folks over at Brian Moore Custom Guitars/iGuitar. You can read the story behind the iUke’s creation as well as see a picture of the instrument at the following link:

Welcome to iUke on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

The iUke works perfectly with GarageBand. Just plug it in, fire up GarageBand, and play away. Andy says he will post sample audio from the device on his personal site shortly.

Into the West

“INTO THE WEST, a six-week television event from TNT, Executive Producer Steven Spielburg and DreamWorks Television, explores one of the most powerful and defining chapters in American history.”

I’ve really enjoyed the first two episodes of Into the West. I’ve only caught bits and pieces of the first episode, saw all of the second, but missed the third. There will be six, two-hour episodes altogether. This weekend they’ll show the fourth episode. You can see the new episodes Friday, Saturday, or Sunday evenings (8/7c) with an encore presentation of the previous episode on Sunday evenings (6/5c) just before the new episode airs.

One of the main character’s name is Jacob Wheeler who originates from Virginia. He rescues a Lakota named Thunder Heart Woman from being sold to a mountain man. They eventually get married, move back to Virginia, then move back out to California again (with tons of other things going on in between). The whole show doesn’t focus on the two, but so far they seem to be the two common links between the settlers and the Native American’s. Here’s a preview of what this weekend’s episode entails:

“Jacob Wheeler’s children witness history as the transcontinental railroads bring east and west together. Margaret Light Shines, Jacob’s daughter, is captured by the Cheyenne, and is adopted by the tribe. But when their village is brutally attacked by U.S. soldiers, she turns her back on her old life and escapes with her new Cheyenne family.”

As the many different stories have unfolded, we get to see the settling of the West from many different perspectives, and the good and bad aspects of both the newcomers and native people are presented. You can read a very detailed synopsis of each episode that has aired as well as brief descriptions of what is yet to come at the Into the West website:

Into the West

I’m also looking forward to the final two episodes of the series. Episode 5 will be about Crazy Horse and Custer at Little Big Horn, and the series will culminate with the massacre at Wounded Knee in episode 6.

It’s unfortunate that you have to have cable or satellite to watch this. But I’m sure that the DVD will be available shortly. I’ll most likely at least rent it on DVD when it’s available so I can watch them all together. And hey, it could possibly the first made for TV anything that I purchase on DVD.