Independence History

Here in time for Independence Day is a list of 25 signers of the Declaration of Independence that according to this BYU/Family Search thing we are related to.  If for some reason it doesn’t work, try signing in with your Familysearch info and register with the site to see the list.  You can check out how you are related and what the exact relationship is (ex: 12th Cousin 8 times removed is……Samuel Adams)


5 thoughts on “Independence History”

  1. Also, according to this, Nancy Ann Malone’s (Wife of Arthur Freeman) 5 times great-grandmother was Pocahontas. Was anyone aware of this?

  2. There’s an oddity on that line. It says William Malone’s parents were the same as Anne Booth’s (his wife) grandparents.

  3. Yeah, there are actually a few oddities in that line like whether or not the wife listed at Thomas Rolfe’s was actually his wife (I don’t think she was, I think she was his wife’s step mother)

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