Opening Day…

So here it is, my next experiment with web coding. I’m actually not doing any of the code myself, although I am learning a few things by installing WordPress manually and looking at all it’s related files. Using WordPress allows anyone to post articles or updates to the website using nothing but your favorite web browser.

My plans for second mesa is that this can be a place where anyone in our family can post quick news items, update announcements, etc. and comment on whatever they’d like. Also, if you would like me to install something similar in your own section back at suneagle, then you can use WordPress to do all the coding for you and you’ll be free from having to mess with hand coding the files in the site templates that are provided. Eventually, I’m going to get around to customizing the look of this section instead of using the default theme which is installed, which I do like by the way.

Anyway, you’ll notice near the bottom right, a link to “Register” where you can create a username and password. Beneath that link is one to “Login”. Once registered you can login, and then you can post articles, edit previous posts, etc. Also, you can comment on yours or another person’s posts by clicking the comments link found under each post. So register, login, and start experimenting with it. It’s literally as easy as clicking and typing. Enjoy…

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  1. Here’s an example comment added to this post. It’s just as easy to add a comment as it is to post an article. The only difference is that you don’t have to have a username and password to comment on an article.

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