Solar Eclipse 2017

Almost halfway. #eclipse2017 #gettingdarker

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Just watching the eclipse live from a cornfield in Lincoln, Nebraska #eclipse #2017

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Total eclipse of … the foot #eclipse2017

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#eclipse2017 #nebraska #solareclipse

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Finally sat down to see what I had captured with my #Nikon. #eclipse2017 #solareclipse #NikonD60

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Independence Day

Nick’s Graduation

Well-deserved cake and ice-cream. #classof2017 #yummers #sugaroverload #worthit

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Full ceremony:

Nick’s Last Day at Skyline

This was close to Nick’s 2nd birthday. We were starting to get a little worried because he had shown no real interest in trying to walk up to that point. I’m sure he’d tell you why spend the brain cells learning to walk when he was busy learning to read instead. He eventually started walking just fine… and today he walked out of Skyline High School for the last time. As Becky and I get ready to celebrate the graduation of our oldest child, it’s very exciting to see how far he’s come and all the opportunities ahead for him. And yet it’s also a little sad knowing his time to head out on his own is coming way too fast for us. So, first of many congratulations Nick, we love you and are extremely proud of you!

Side By Side With Forsythe Middle School

The Skyline musicians had the opportunity to travel down the road to Forsythe Middle School to perform a side by side concert with them. This is probably the last concert Nick will play in for his high school career. It may also be the last time for a while that Nick and Ashlee play together. :(

Skyline Spring Orchestra 2017

This is Nick’s last time playing in the Skyline Auditorium.

Also, Ashlee auditioned to move from the concert orchestra into the symphony orchestra starting next year and we recently found out that she made it! She was practicing hard for many weeks to do well at her audition and her hard work paid off. We’re excited for her!

Skyline HS Concert Orchestra States 2017

All 1’s for Nick and Ashlee’s first State Orchestra competition!

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