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Monday, 13 June 2005
Subject: this is the last e-mail, enjoy it


This week was interesting, with the trip to Asunción, and then with the baptism of Edson Soley on Thursday, and the baptism of Pedro and Elsa on Saturday. But everything turned out really well in the end. And, strangely enough, I’m on my last week (for reals this time).

On Monday after I wrote, E. Oliveira got a haircut, and then we had to run home and pack really quick in order to get to the terminal on time. But we did, and we all got on the bus and left. Upon arriving in Asunción, most of us went to a Hotel, different from the last one. It was pretty nice. And we passed the night normally.

On Tuesday morning, we got up and ate the half-continental breakfast in the hotel. The first serving of everything was free, and they had a lot of stuff, but if you wanted more, you had to pay. Tricky. After that, we all went to the temple. Zones 6 and 8 also went, so I got to see all of my friends from those places. And the temple session was really good, as always. After that, we went over to the distribution center to buy a few things, then they took us (just Zone 7) to the Gavarret’s house to eat lunch. It was really good, and afterwards, Pte talked to us and we took a picture, and it was all good. Then everyone else went home, but Elder Oliveira and I stayed for Concilio, which was just a little one. It was really good. After that, we wanted to just come home, but we would have gotten home really late, so they sent us to work in Monte Lindo, which is in Zone 5. I went with Elder Worthen and Elder Oliveira went with Elder Hamilton. We went and talked with a couple whose husband just got baptized, and the wife was getting baptized that weekend. It was a good visit. And then we came home and talked a little, and went to bed.

On Wednesday morning, we went to the terminal and caught a bus home. It stopped for any reason at all, red lights, green lights, people that wanted to get on, people that didn’t want to get on. And it was really slow. It took 3 and a half hours, so we missed Correlation Meeting and everything. But we did have lunch with the Delgados. In the afternoon, we had to fill out informes and send the mail. Then we went and talked with Carmen and one of her friends. Then we started teaching the lesson 2 to Enrique. After that, we went to Pedro and Elsa’s and read a little with them from the Book of Mormon. And after that, we went with Pte Delgado to visit a less-active guy that came to church on Sunday. His wife and daughter aren’t members, so we talked a little with them. They’re nice people. And after that we came home.

On Thursday, we went with the Hnas to do service for an old lady that they visit. We cleaned up her yard. It needed it, badly. After that, we went and had lunch at the Hna Cubas’ house, even though she wasn’t there. In the afternoon, we went and talked with Ada. She said she’s going to Argentina on Monday. Que cosa. After that, we went by Ysidro and Isabel’s to give them some pictures. Then we went by the Hna. Elisa’s, and her mother-in-law was still sick. So we gave her another blessing and she went to the hospital. After that, we went and visited the Flia Arando, and tried visiting a couple of other people that weren’t home. But we did talk a little with Toribia and her family. That went pretty well. Then we went to the capilla to print up the agenda for Edson Soley’s baptism, and discovered that he wanted me to baptize him. I’m not sure why, but in any case, we went home to get my clothes, then went back to the church, and had the baptismal service. It went pretty well. And then we had refreshments and came home.

On Friday morning, we had to go to the doctors office, because a few weeks ago, Elder Oliveira fell when we were playing soccer and then his wrist hurt off and on up until now. So the Hna. Gavarret told him to get it X-rayed. So we did, and had to wait a long time to do it, and it turns out that one of the bones in his wrist is fractured, so he had to get a cast put on it today. What a thing. That took up all morning. In the afternoon, we went and talked with Carlos Romero, and he had a question about tithing, so we taught him about that. After that, we went and shared a little with the Flia Dávalos. After that, we went and taught the lesson 3 to Carmen, and re-set a baptismal date with her. After that, we went and talked with Santiago, and started to teach him the lesson 2. After that, we went to Pedro and Elsa’s and planned everything good for the baptism. Then we went to Enrique’s and finished teaching him the lesson 2. After that, we went and visited a less-active family on the Hnas’ side, the Flia Borja, because one of the daughters had an accident and they asked us to come over. So we did. And then we came home.

On Saturday morning, we went to the capilla to print out the program for the baptism. The branch presidency was putting on a soccer tournament for the whole district, so I got to see a few people from Villarrica. That was cool. Anyway, after that, we went by a lot of houses of people that hid from us, so we went by the Flia Aranda’s and taught a lesson 1 to one of their friends that was there. Then we had lunch with the Hna Graciela, then came home. In the afternoon, we got fallar-ed a lot, and went and invited Ada and Delia to the baptism. Then we met some new people before going to Pedro and Elsa’s to go to the church with them. The baptism didn’t go quite as planned because of a couple of people that didn’t show up, but it still went well. After it was over, we had cake and then cleaned up and came home.

On Saturday night, it rained a lot, so everything was mud again in the morning. We went and got Pedro and Elsa, and went by other peoples’ houses, but they had various excuses not to come. Church was pretty normal, and after church we had lunch with the Delgados. And Elders Bell and Ricks brought us our mail (they were in Ca’aguazú). And we planned. In the afternoon, we went to do divisions with the Elders Quorum. Almost no one came. But Ale Gossen came with us, and we visited Pedro and Elsa, and went by Ysidro and Isabel’s, but they weren’t home. So then we went and visited the Flia Soley, and it started raining again. Ale went home after that, and we went and talked with Carlos Romero and his girlfriend Zunilda. They want to get married and baptized, but she works in Ñemby, and only comes home for the weekend every once in a while (which is why I had never met her before). So we’ll have to help her find work here in Oviedo. After that, we went and visited the Flia Fernández, and then we came home.

This morning, we played basketball, and it was fun. Strange that this will be the last e-mail. This week should be a pretty busy one anyway.

So. I decided I’ll come home to Arizona, but on the 20th. Pte. Gavarret was a little confused about the people going home the 18th (he was thinking July). So, yeah. If there were some way I could go to Utah afterwards, it would be neat, but I don’t know how that would work. In any case, Phoenix, the 21st, would be when I arrive. Que cosa.

So, I guess this is it. Thanks again everyone for all of your letters and support and prayers. The mission has really been a great experience for me, and I’m grateful for the opportunity that I’ve had to serve. I don’t have any doubt that this is the Lord’s work. We’ll talk later.

I Love You Guys!!!

Love, Josh