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So now you are probably wondering what the heck UCCR stands for. Well here you go:

The United Coalition of Childrens Rooms.

The UCCR basically consists of four different provinces, hence the four stars. For more information on each country and its leaders click on the leader's name. The first, and smallest, Province is known as the THBBR or the Tiannahannabananabanana Republic headed by High Director Tianna Freeman. The next country is the United Kindom of Disco and Basketball headed by Prime Minister Matthew Freeman. Together they make up the United States of Sibling's Rooms. Next is the United States of Boneheads and JoJos headed by President Stephen Freeman. And finally the Republic of Miscellaneous Possesions headed by Josh Freeman. These two countries make up the United Male Living Facilities.

The UCCR is headed by President Josh Freeman and is currently run by Acting President Stephen Freeman. To view the UCCR Bill of Rights click here

This Picture was provided by the UCCR from the year 2002.

For any questions please contact the Acting President or any other member of the UCCR