March 16, 2005

Well it's here. MY LAST SEMESTER!! YEAH!! I'm only taking 13 credits so right now I'm not too stressed with school. I am working early morning custodial in the new Thomas E. Ricks building. I got to work from 4 to 7 AM five days a week. February 18 was the dedication of the building and Elder Bednar returned to campus to dedicate it. I was able to attend a luncheon before the dedication since I work in the building. I don't know if I told everyone but after Elder Bednar was called to the Twelve, I wrote him a letter thanking him for the service he gave while here. He emailed me a thank you in return. Before the dedication, I was able to thank him for replying to my letter. He responded by saying, "You wrote me. Why wouldn't I write back?" It was a neat experience being able to talk to him briefly since his new calling. My fun class thus semester is my horseback riding class. I have it every Monday from 11 am to 1 pm. My horse's name is Black Beauty and she likes to do what the other horses are doing and doesn't like to stop. Graduation plans are under way and I am still deciding what to do after graduation. I will be getting a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications and instead of a minor I have a cluster in Business and Music. Graduation is April 23 and the countdown has begun. A lot of my friend up here can't believe that I'm graduating. I am ready to be done with school but not ready to join the real world. We all have to grow up sometime right?


December 15, 2004

School for the fall is winding down. I will have one semester left and hope to graduate in April. YEAH!!!!! I'm not sure what will happen after that. I'll probably move back to Arizona but I'm still in the process of deciding. I live in an apartment with two other girls, Jackie York and Mindy Merrit. Jackie is from Tennessee but doesn't have much of an accent. Mindy is from Ogden, Utah and has lived with me for a year now. I went to Utah for Conference weekend as well as my mission reunion. I spent the weekend with one of my old roommates Becca and some of her friends from Canada.

I don't have much of a social life but I did attend a dance on the 6th of November. This was good for me because I HATE dances. But Mindy had a date with a guy in our basketball class named Luis and I told her I would ask someone if she asked him. My date was Commadore Rush who I worked with at Jacob Lake. Here's our dance picture as well as one taken before the dance.

For Halloween, Mindy and I carved pumpkins with our Family Home Evening Group. Mindy dressed up as a princess and Jackie and her sister-in-law Ashlee were zombies. I was a mad scientist but didn't get a picture on my camera. Maybe when Jackie develops her film, I'll put it up.

I went home with Mindy for Thanksgiving break. Her family loves me because I've been with her through some hard times. Her mother wanted to get a picture of me with Mindy's little sisters. I've also included a picture of the first snow of the winter here in Rexburg.